31 March 2009

An Introduction

Play is hard work. To be more precise fitness is hard work. Being good at a sport is hard work. Staying in shape is hard work. This blog is my random musings on sports and fitness. What i do. How my efforts work. I am endeavoring to lose weight and decrease my percentage of body fat. Reducing the body fat percentage is the more important of the two goals. I have had little accountability in my efforts and this is one attempt to change that.

To start off i am only a few years removed from college. My graduating year i was one of two captains of the Men's Ultimate team. Like most Ultimate teams we were not recognized by the school but the governing body of Ultimate (the UPA) did not care and would recognize us as the team from said school. I now live somewhere with limited opportunities to play ultimate. The main consistent group plays during church. I have taken to playing basketball twice a week and this has helped stop my health and fitness free fall. The goal now is to start improving.