27 April 2009

Return to the Ultimate Fields

Saturday marked the first time for a game of pickup Ultimate this year.  The first game back can be bittersweet.  Not having played any outdoor ultimate since Thanksgiving’s Turkey Bowl makes the ultimate muscles soft.  Sure i participated in an indoor winter league.  Indoor ultimate muscles seemed to mach basketball muscles.  So like the start of every year of ultimate the first day back is slow and winded.  I see this as a good thing.  This is how i know i’m playing hard.

15 April 2009

NBA Postseason

The NBA postseason is finally here. This is the real season now. Not to say that the regular season is meaningless. Just that the regular season is now meaningless. The match-ups are set. In the West are the Lakers(1) vs the Jazz(8); Denver(2) vs New Orleans(7); San Antonio(3) vs Dallas(6); Portland(4) vs Houston(5). The East has Cleveland(1) vs Detroit(8); Boston(2) vs Chicago(7); Orlando(3) vs Philadelphia(6); and Atlanta(4) vs Miami(5).

Being a Lakers fan for life (i was born in southern California) i'm taking the Lakers over the Jazz. I've lived in Utah but never cared for the Jazz. I even went to a few Jazz games and like them even less. I heard a great Jazz chant "Boozer is a loser and Kirilenko's gay". To give an objective analysis they have the best player in the game in Kobe Bryant. Andrew Bynum is back. Pau Gasol is better than anyone the Jazz can match against him. Lamar Odom coming off the bench vastly improves the Lakers already good depth chart. And Derek Fisher knows this game extremely well. The Jazz have Williams that will outplay Ariza. Beyond that they are outmatched. Lakers in 4.

So what about the other games. I have Potland in 4, Dallas in 5, and Denver in 6 moving on. In the East i'll be watching the Orlando, Boston, Cleveland series. I'm also taking Atlanta over Miami in 5. I want a short Orlando series and long 7 game Boston and Cleveland series but expect Orlando in 5, Boston in 6 and Cleveland in 4. For the second round series come back later.

02 April 2009

Indoor Ultimate Winter League

Getting married, moving to a new city, and winter put a damper on playing Ultimate. Two months ago i found an indoor ultimate league. I had never played indoor ultimate before so i did not know what to expect. I ended up on the Red team. The 4 teams were Red, Blue, Black, and Green. Our 1st game was to be against the Blue team. After 6 weeks with one bye week we ended the season with a record of 3-1-1. We beat Green twice, Blue once, Tied Black and lost to Blue. We played well together and had a lot of fun.

There are some differences to those looking to play indoor ultimate. Since you are indoor there is no wind. You sub on the fly (hockey style). The field is smaller so the end zones are also smaller. Due to the size of the court we had we played with 4 people on the court at a time. You do more cutting, or you should do more cutting. Since there are fewer players on the court you have to hustle more. Where ultimate i often describe as similar to football in layout and soccer in play; indoor ultimate is defiantly closer in play to basketball or disc hoops. There are still no picks. From how Red played and what i saw of the other teams play there were way to many full court hucks to score in one throw. Some were successful, some were not. Having no previous indoor experience i don't know if that is common or not. All in all indoor ultimate was really fun. I think i prefer ultimate to indoor but indoor is a good variation.